Your Puppies Health

Feeding Your   Puppy: Your   puppy will be eating Puppy Chow when it comes home with you. It can be purchased at most pet supply stores

Grooming Your   Puppy : Daily bushing is recommended to maintain the
coat and keep it mat free. Brushing loosens and removes dirt, dead hair, and skin cells.

Bathing Your  Puppy - Your   puppy should be washed every 10-12 days. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Always use a blow
dryer to dry  your  puppies hair after bathing.

ears, the hair on their feet and around the rectum trimmed & their nails short. Yorkies  Nails should be trimmed so that they just clear the
floor. If you hear them clicking, they're probably too long. Avoid clipping  past the curve of the nail, or you risk hitting what is called the
quick. A nick there is painful and will cause bleeding. Clip only the hooklike part of the nail that turns down.

Taking Care of Your Puppies Teeth: Use a tooth brush and paste made for dogs available at all pet stores. Have your Vet  check your
puppies teeth  @ 6-8 months. Yorkshire Terrier's  Sometimes will retain their baby teeth . Your puppies teeth will need to be removed. Your
puppies Teeth should be cleaned frequenty. Your vet can advise you on your puppies  oral hygiene needs.
Yorkies Ears: ( For Yorkies only ) Keep the hair on the top third of the ear flaps trimmed very short. This way excessive hair won't weigh
down the ears before they are firmly "set," at around six months of age. Ears should be cleaned once a month. More often if your yorkie is
prone to ear problems.

Puppy Health Concerns:
Hypoglycemia: CAN BE LIFE THREATENING ( for all Teacup and
toy breeds
Can happen when your new puppy gets home. It can get stressed by their new environment ,lack of sleep and over- handling. Your  puppy
may refuse to eat because their food has changed or they don't know where the food is. Changes in temperature of the room that they are
used to can also be the  cause of stress.

Your Puppy may be stressed if he/she is showing signs of
1. Depression
2. Weakness
3. Being wobbly or jerky
4. Convulsions,seizures (the head appears to be tilted to either left or right side, the neck appears stiff and in a locked position,and the body
may soon appear the same way and the teeth may be clamped tightly)
5. Coma, which can result in death
6.Your  puppy may be lifeless or limp with grayish-blue gums and tongue.

Low blood sugar is the cause and the blood glucose level must be raised at once. DON'T WAIT every second counts. Mix corn syrup, honey,
or sugar with equal proportion of water and using a syringe, feed the pup 10cc orally four times a day.
Hypoglycemia, if treated in time, should leave no lasting affects and as long as the stress is eliminated it shouldn't occur again.

Yorkies  sometimes develop patella problems from jumping from couches, chairs etc. This can injure their knees. Discourage jumping to
protect their knees.