Hi, I bougt Bella from you. She is wonderful! She has been such a joy and a blessing to me. I love
her dearly and cannot thank you enough for selling her to me. One of my best friends is interested
in buying a Shorkie as well. she fell in love with Bella and now she and her husband want one and
I told them how great you were to work with. Thanks! Tara Johns  www.tarasteathyme.com
Dear Patti, I was just on your website looking at your puppies available and I just wanted to tell you what a
great job you are doing breeding these dogs. I bought a puppy named "shawn" from you in December (right
before Christmas) of last year. He was well worth the drive and I don't think we could have found a better
dog. We renamed him Jameson and he fits in so perfectly with our lifestyle and personality. He is very well
socialized and loves people and other dogs. We are completely satisfied with your service and I even got a
compliment at our vet about your thoroughness with his shot records. I have enclosed just a few pictures of
him over the last six months for you to see how he is doing. I look forward to buying another dog from you in
the future.Sincerely,Jenna Davis
Hi Lorrain this is Robbin Godwin, I purchased two little yorkie pups from you a couple of months ago.
I just wanted to let you know that they are doing wonderful. They are finished with their shots and
have just recently been spayed. kayly and Kippy are the highlights of our family, we love and enjoy
them very much. I just figured you may want an update.Thank You, Robbin
Hi Patty!!!
We picked up Bella and she is absolutely adorable!!! I truely want to
thank you for taking such good care of your puppies and showing how
much love  you give to these precious little things. She is beautiful
and we are in love!  Thank you again. Anita Rangel
Hi Patti!!!!This is Kenneth and MIa Baker. We purchased Riley (Rocky) last July. He is a
wonderful puppy. My husband and I would not know what we would do without him. He
gets so much attention when people see him. He has not had any health problems, he
interacts well with others and he loves for people to give him belly rubs. We love him!!!
Thanks for everything!!! Ken and MIa Baker, Covington, GA
Hi Lorrain, Thought you might like to see what Shibani (Clara) looks like. She is now 7 1/2
months old. She weights a little over 5 lbs. Everybody that meets her thinks she is adorable. I
have had several people ask me where I got her and I tell them. Shibani is so healthy and
happy! She has lost all of her baby teeth but one. She and Briley are best friends as well as
sisters. They are so cute together. We love them so much. We feel so blessed to have Shibani
as part of our family. she is such a cut up. She is a little alarm clock.....wakes up about 6:30
every morning. This puppy has a mind of her own!!! Diane
Hey Patti! This is Abigail Nelson...We bought Kylie from you last summer. We now call her Maddie. She is the best dog in the
world. We have attached a picture of her so you can see what she looks like now. We just wanted to say thanks and let you know
that she is doing great. Next time we want a dog we will definitely buy from you. Have a great summer.
Here is my precious baby "Coco" I love her and I am very thankful to my husband Cole that got me the most
precious gift ever!! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Sally Flournoy
Patty, I will be recommending you and your puppies to everyone! Ella is perfect and I
am so happy to finally have her! Once again, thank you so much for everything! God
Bless you and your family. Sincerely, Lauren Rogers
To all of those individuals who are thinking about adopting a
baby/babies from Lorrain's Yorkies: If you are on this website
contemplating whether or not you should adopt one of Patti's
babies...think NO more and look NO more! You have found the perfect
breeder and babies! Patti is an excellent breeder who takes much pride
in herl little darlings. Her babies are well socialized, very healthy and
totally spoiled! In fact, should you decide to adopt more than one...like
we did...you will be doubly blessed, doubly happy and doubly filled with
joy!! I am so thankful we decided to adopt two because it reduced the
stres on both puppies upon coming to their new home, not to mention
they are so adorable when they play together. I cannot imagine having
just gotten one. They are definitely worth every penny!! Itsy and Bitsy are
the best birthday gifts I have ever received from my husband! My 30th
birthday has been a memorable one for sure!! Trust me!!...you will not
regret getting one or two of these little angels! They are proof that God
loves us and wants us to be happy!! Thanks for everything! Donna Saliba:)
Hi Patti!! How are you? Gracie (now Sophie) is great! She is absolutely perfect in every way; she loves to snuggle more than
any animal I have ever met. Everyone says to me " only you would find a puppy that fits to your schedule" because she loves
just sitting with me on the couch or wherever and she loves to sleep in. We wonder how she could have possibly been the last
one from her litter left because she is so great?  Thanks for everything!! Cortney
Hi, I  bought a maltese/yorkie puppy from you a little while back, Marli & I are looking
to get another puppy but this time I wanted to get a yorkie. Since we were so pleased
with your puppies we  wanted to   get another one from you!!! Cortney Smith
Patti, Hi, this is Ebonee from Tallahassee, I purchased my yorkie-poo, Sophie, from you in
September of 2006. Here is a recent and ADORABLE picture of her. She's the apple of my
and my boyfriends'eyes. We love her sooooo much and we're actually thinking of getting a
brother for her soon! Ebonee  Tallahassee, Fl
Love having 2 Yorkies in the house!! They are just the most
adorable dogs ever!! Thanks You so much!! Here is a picture of
Russ! Enjoy! Sally Flournoy
Sally Flournoy
Hoshizaki America, Inc.
Hi Mrs. Lorrain, I know it has been a while. I just wanted to stop in and send you a few pic of little
Zoey. She is truly a had full! She keeps the whole house busy. My family and I are very happy with
her. I will make sure to keep you updated with our progress. Sincerely Aisha
Hello Lorrain, I sent a picture of myself as well as my little cuddle bug Gizmo. He is so smart and
loveable, no matter where I go he gets all the attention! People don't even ask about my broken
leg when I am with Gizmo, he just attracts all the attention. I hope the little girl is just as cute as
Gizmo if not more! I can't wait for my little girl to arrive! Once again, thank you and Love you so
much for giving us such a wonderful gift, Thank You, Lisa
Dear Lorrain, I'm writing to tell you that the puppy we purchased is doing wonderful! The vet says that he's very
healthy, and all of the staff think that he's absolutely adorable. He is very smart, too, and easy to train. We are
really enjoying Coco and are so happy that he's a part of our family. Thank you so much for being a terrific
breeder and for all of the care and love you gave our little puppy before we got him. He was well - socialized
before we even met him, and that made a big difference in his whole adjustment process. Thanks again for
everything and Happy Holidays to you and your family! Sincerely, Tracy and Torri McGarity
Hey Mrs. Patti,
Just wanted to give you an updated pic of Bella...she is so sweet and very smart dog...she is doing great...this pic
was taken at the mountain this weekend with the snow. The last time that we went to the vet she weighted 3 lbs. 2
oz...she is a heavy weight...Well we love her very much...and she is so SPOILED and we have enjoyed her very
much.....Thanks Brandy Branch
Hi Lorrain, for the longest time I have been meaning to e-mail you on Ramsey, who I've
renamed Oliver. He is the BEST puppy and I don't think it's possible to love him any
more than I do. He will be 8 months on March 2 and weighs about 5.5 pounds. He is so
loving and very friendly. I am so happy that I have him. I've attached a few different
pictures. Enjoy. Hope all is well with you and your family. Amber Dragomer
Hi Lorrain, I have a few pictures of my Lady Dianna
for you so you can post on your site if you want. I
have her beyond spoiled and everyone who sees her
wants to hold her and take her home. She has been
to the beach twice and she loves to swim. She
weighs 3.02 lbs. I'm glad I decided to get her from
you because she has been that extra bundle of joy I
have been looking for . Thanks, Lillian
I just wanted to give you an update on our adorable boy Conner, we kept his name but
nick name him boo boo! I have had sooo many people ask where we got him from
because he is a total sweet heart! Extremely friendly with people and very loving! You
have done a great job with breeding and I have told many people if I ever got another
puppy I would come back to you! He is great! My dog Angel who was an spca save
absolutely loves him, she became foster doggy mom. Even though he is so young and
playful and she's 11 years old, but she took him on and watches out for him all the time.
He can climb on her, bite her ankles and ears, but she loves him like it was her own
puppy. He is a terrific dog and great with my 2 boys, one which is autistic and is so
tolerant! You're a great breeder and I thank my lucky stars that you blessed us with such a
great dog. Best wishes and bless the good work you have done by giving us such a
wonderful dogs
Betina Beiter Conners Mommy
Hi Miss Patti, I just wanted to bring you up to date with Lola. She has become an integral part
of our family. She arrived here to the joy of all who waited at baggage to see her. She came in
later than cargo was open, so they brought her in with the luggage, although NOT on the
carrousel! Spike was there to greet her and they became instant Friends. She is healthy and
our doctor loves her! Her ears have gone up completely and she goes potty outdoors almost
exclusively! She has a special place on our bed with Spike by her side. She and spike are so
good together! They run and play hard and then nap together! What a wonderful addition to
our family! Thank you so much for helping to complete our little family. I will keep you
updated as she grows into an even more beautiful girl ( if that's possible!)

Marci & Chuck Madine