Gabbi is 5 lb. Yorrkie
My daughter Jodi & one of our  T-cup's
is 4  lb  Yorkie
Tinkerbell .is 4  lb Yorrkie
Doodle Bug is 4 1/2 lb
Lina is 2 1/2 lb Yorkie
Lexis is 4  lb Yorkie
Kalie & Tinkerbell
Noggin - 3 lb Yorkie
Leah - 3 lb Poodle
Thumbellina - 4 lb
Portia - 4  lb Yorkie
Mia - 4  lb Yorkie
Gidget 3 1/2 lbs
Princess 4 lb Maltese
Majinia 3  lb Yorkie
Lady Bug: 4 lb Yorkie
Giggles  3 lb Poodle
Little Girl 3 lb Yorkie
Yorkies for sale
Our House - yorkie
Our Home
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The Dogs On This Page Are Not
For Sale
These are the parents of our
precious babies
Teacup Yorkies, Georgia, tiny teacup yorkies, teacup puppies, teacup & Toy dog for sale,
Baby Doll Yorkie
Princess - 4 lb Maltese
Bo-Bo yorkie